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Quick Start Candidate Search/Contact (How to)

1. Login to Employer Account
2. Go to the “Resume Bank” tab
3. Fill in search criteria
4. Click “Search”
5. Click the orange Linked Job Title to view the Candidate.
6. View the Candidate.
7. Click “Add to cart” button.
8. Click the “Cart” button.
9. Click “Create contact request”
10. Fill in the Contact Request Form required information. (Include Position)
11. Click “Complete Contact Request” button.
12. Click “Complete Order” to finalize request.

Tips for Candidate Search

1. For most complete results, use “Anytime” to include both Passive and Active Job Seekers.
2. Boolean searches are not supported, but quotations are accepted.
3. For specific cities use as the city name in the keyword.
4. Use the back arrow on your browser to return to the Candidate list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the resumes organized in a Candidate Search?
Most recently updated resumes appear first in all searches. The date of last update is in the right column of the Candidate search results.

What is a Contact Request?
Because all Candidate Resumes are anonymous, you must first send a contact request before you can interact with the Candidate. The Candidate can accept or reject your contact request.

What information does an Anonymous Candidate account show?
Education Level, Career Level, Industry, Job Function, Languages Spoken, Desired Employment Type (Full, Part-time, etc.) Desired Commute and Relocation Preference

How many contact requests can I send?
You can send an unlimited number of requests, to as many job seekers as you like. You can also send multiple contact requests for the same position. Just add multiple job seekers to the cart.

Can I send multiple contact requests to the same Candidate?
Yes. Please be sure it is for a different Position.

Can I contact multiple Candidates at the same time?
Yes, but only through the contact request. You can add as many Candidates as you like to the “Cart” before sending the contact request form.

Where can I find the Candidates that I have tried to contact?
A summary of all Candidates and their contact status is located on the “My Account” page in the “My Resume Contacts” section.

How can I review a Candidate’s resume after I have attempted contact?
Go to “My Resume Contacts” section of the “My Accounts” page. Click on the Candidate number which will take you to the Candidate’s Information Page

When can I contact a Candidate directly?
You can contact a Candidate once the contact request has been accepted and the contact information is released.

How can I contact a Candidate after contact request was accepted?
You can contact Candidates through any contact information they provide (ie. Email, phone, etc.). You can also contact the Candidate through the platform by creating a message for the Candidate on the Candidate’s information page.

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