DOL’s OFCCP Redoubles Efforts to Hire Persons with Disabilities for Mega Construction Projects Program

Image of tall cranes with a backdrop of steel framing of buildings

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP) doubles down on hiring persons with disabilities for federal construction contracts totaling nearly $30 Billion in taxpayer funds. OFCCP proactively connects diverse workers with contractors all over the United States in the Mega Construction Projects Program.

Normally, OFCCP is in the business of checking up on federal contractors to be sure that they are meeting requirements of their contracts, such as hiring persons with disabilities. OFCCP’s work with the Mega Constructions Projects Programs is different. OFCCP staff works with contractors, unions and various other stakeholders to promote hiring a diverse workforce from the start.

“We will always go after bad actors when it comes to discrimination in hiring or employment, but the better result is when we get the conversation started early, leading to jobs for qualified workers…” says OFCCP Director, Patricia Shiu.

More demand for workers means more demand for job seekers with disabilities. OFCCP staff are on the ground in efforts to ensure that people who are normally disregarded have every opportunity to be considered for employment.

Shiu states, “Our efforts today will not only help ensure compliance with equal employment opportunity law, they’ll help people who might otherwise be overlooked make their way into the middle class by finding work on long-term construction projects.”

For more information, see Opportunity For All in Construction Contracting.

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