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Many of your questions can be answered on the Job Seeker Services page and  Frequently Asked Questions. Please check these resources before submitting the form below. Thank you!

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This support form provides assistance with job seeker accounts. abilityJOBS Support will make every effort to answer your support issue in a timely manner.

How to unsubscribe from abilityJOBS daily emails

  1. Login to your job seeker account:
  2. In the "Settings" section click the down arrow to open settings.
  3. Uncheck the "allow" box under My Preferences.

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How to remove your account

  1. Login to your job seeker account:
  2. In the "Settings" section click the "Deactivate" link.


my job seeker acount deactivate has multiple job fairs.

Visit to find out the schedule. Sign up as a job seeker to  to receive updates and registration announcements.



If you need immediate assistance...

Please keep in mind that abilityJOBS is a job board with various jobs for job seekers with disabilities.

We understand the need for finding employment quickly. Using a job board is not always a fast employment process. We recommend you reach out to your local vocational rehabilitation office or independant living center for assistance.

In the coming months, abilityJOBS will be gathering local resources for more assistance.

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