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A Supportive and Collaborative Workplace

The Fred Hutch mission to eliminate cancer and related diseases is shared by everyone who works here — more than 3,000 people in all, including scientists, research fellows, administrators and support staff. Our faculty and staff also share a commitment to fostering a work environment that values collaboration, mentorship, diversity and inclusion.

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Location: Seattle, WA

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What makes us so bold?

Our 40-plus years on the front lines of cancer research have led to cures for some types of the disease — and have offered proof that the immune system can stop others. Propelled by our ongoing commitment to excellent science and creative innovation, we’re making major inroads in the fight against cancer.

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We offer excellent medical, dental and vision plans, with subsidized coverage for employees and family members including domestic partners, an onsite employee health clinic, wellness program, onsite exercise, stress-management classes and health club discounts.

We offer a competitive retirement plan, disability benefits, life and AD&D coverage, flexible spending accounts and back-up child and adult/elder care.

We offer dozens of employee education courses on topics such as leadership, communication, public speaking, software tools and project management.

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About Fred Hutch

At Fred Hutch, our interdisciplinary teams of world-renowned scientists and humanitarians work together to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, HIV/AIDS and other diseases. Our researchers — including three Nobel laureates — bring a relentless passion to their work and deliver hope to patients who come here from all over the world.

We’re discovering new ways to detect cancers earlier, when cure rates are highest; developing effective treatments with fewer side effects; and learning how to prevent cancers from developing in the first place.


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