Covid-19 Employment Update — The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Ugly

Millions of people have lost their jobs, been temporarily laid off or furloughed.

The Bad

Job openings are at a historic low. While a few companies are hiring, currently overall job postings are stalled. This has become an employers market. Months ago recruiters were challenged to find talent not already employed. Now when companies have positions open they have a huge number of candidates. Some are using resume search rather than posting to reduce their workload.

The Good

Be sure to have your resume on abilityJOBS, we see a growing trend by companies across the country being more proactive in their diversity/disability outreach.

Keep an eye on upcoming online career fairs. This a great way to have face to face time with recruiters. visit ABILITY Job Fair.

Also post your resume on other job boards, Indeed, Monster, etc...

It will be difficult, we hope you will be swell (safe & well)

COVID-19 has changed everyday life for most people around the world in just a few weeks. Some countries, for example, Italy, were hit harder than others, but almost all of them realized how serious this pandemic has become. Most cases of infections seem to be mild or even asymptomatic. However, for those of us who belong to the COVID-19 risk group, Coronavirus infections can become severe or life-threatening. Coping with those uncertainties and the ever-present bad news surrounding us is challenging.

#StayTheF**kHome – People with disabilities belonging to the Coronavirus high-risk group speak out

The media around the globe report about the rising death toll, a shortage in medical supplies for our front-line workers, the lack of a proper response by the world leaders, and we learned that all of a sudden, toilet paper and hand sanitizer seem to be the most valuable purchases in several countries. Often, it is not considered how those actions – especially the hoarding of medical supplies – affect the vulnerable population. And besides the usual amount of inaccessibility, people with disabilities now face discrimination and ignorance by some of the people around them and their own government on top of it.

All countries do their best to contain the spread and to protect the majority of society. However, as it is often the case, people with disabilities aren’t considered. While the whole world is overwhelmed by the prospect of not having enough hospital beds or ventilators for all affected people, countries such as the UK, and Germany, as well as varying states in the US, have discussed implementing triage plans that could possibly put people with disabilities at a disadvantage, prioritizing the lives of non-disabled people in case of shortage of supplies, like ventilators.

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