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Annual RateContact for RatesContact for RatesContact for RatesContact for Rates
Job Board Unlimited Job Postings Unlimited Job Postings Unlimited Job Postings Unlimited Job Postings
Auto Post Job Scrape/Wrap Job Scrape/Wrap Job Scrape/Wrap Job Scrape/Wrap
Resume Access 10 Resume Credits 100 Resume Credits 200 Resume Credits 500 Resume Credits
Disability BrandingA-D-A BadgeA-D-A Leader BadgeA-D-A Leader BadgeA-D-A Leader Badge
VisibilityLogo on abilityJOBS.comLogo on abilityJOBS.comLogo on abilityJOBS.comLogo on abilityJOBS.com
Consulting1 Consulting Session
60 min per meeting
2 Consulting Sessions
60 min per meeting
3 Consulting Sessions
60 min per meeting
4 Consulting Sessions
60 min per meeting
Partner ValueA-D-A Leader Custom Web Page
on abilityJOBS.com
A-D-A Leader Custom Web Page
on abilityJOBS.com
A-D-A Leader Custom Web Page
on abilityJOBS.com

Added Value Features

Added Value Features

Added Value Features

On-site Banner AdabilityJOBS.com Banner 
1 months
abilityJOBS.com Banner
6 months
abilityJOBS.com Banner 
12 months
Off-site Banner AdABILITYMagazine.com Banner
1 month
ABILITYMagazine.com Banner
2 months
ABILITYMagazine.com Banner 
4 months
Social Media Post1 Social Media Post2 Social Media Posts4 Social Media Posts
Career FairABILITY Job Fair Booth
One Event with 2 recruiters

  • Employer Custom Web Page
  • Social Media Branding
  • Email Blasts
ABILITY Job Fair Booth
One Event with 3 recruiters

  • Employer Custom Web Page
  • Social Media Branding
  • Email Blasts
ABILITY Job Fair Booth
Two Events with 5 recruiters

  • Employer Custom Web Page
  • Social Media Branding
  • Email Blasts
Digital  & Web Ads -- -ABILITYMagazine Ad
(Single Issue Full Page)

  • Virtual Magazine Ad
  • Web Ad 2 months

Additional Information

Job Postings

abilityJOBS is the largest system dedicated to supporting companies in recruiting talented cadidates with disabilities. Unlimited job postings are the best way to create an ongoing campaign to attract talented candidates with disabilities. An Unlimited job posting subscription may only be used within a single company and may be shared with colleagues of the same company within the main subscription account.

Job Scraping/Wrapping Details

abilityJOBS offers a scrape application to pull job posting data from the employer's career site and uploading daily job posts into abilityJOBS.com. Posted Jobs are linked back to the original job posting via the "apply" button. abilityJOBS can include tracking tags from the original employer career site or ATS that will be attached to the redirection link.

Example tracking tag: https://mycareersite.com/my-job-title-2345?source=abilityjobstag

DISCLAIMER: abilityJOBS offers this product as-is. Any changes in the employer site coding, structure or platform can "break" the scrape and jobs will not post. abilityJOBS is not responsible for loss of job postings due to changes in employer sites or ATS. Employers should notify abilityJOBS in writing 30 in advance of any changes to career site or ATS.

Resume Credits

Employers may search tens of thousands of candidates ranging from entry level to PhDs and from the mailroom to the boardroom. Resume credits may be shared among colleagues at a single company via the main subscription account.

A resume credit is used when an employer initiates contact with a candidate in the resume bank and the candidate accepts the contact request. If a job seeker declines or does not respond in 14 days, the resume credit is returned to the employer account.

Talent Acquisition A-D-A Leader Badge

Let candidates know that you value people with disabilities in your workforce by looking at your website, emails and applications. The Talent Acquisition A-D-A Leader badge communicates the intention and action of your organization as it seeks to build a more diverse workforce.

Talent Acquisition A-D-A Leaders are governments,talent aquisition ability disability award (A-D-A) leader 2024 240 non-profits and business members who work to employ, advance and integrate talented people with disabilities into their workplace.

The Talent Acquisition A-D-A Leader badge grants a broad use yearly license.

Logo Placement - Featured Employer abilityJOBS.com

All packages levels are inclided in the Featured Employers area on abilityJOBS.com. Logo can be linked to career site or company site.

Logo Specifications: Square image, maximum 300px x 300px jpg.


Meet with our team to learn about and discuss various disability topics related to recruiting, hiring and retaining talent with disabilities. Consulting sessions are scheduled in 60-minute virtual meetings. Bring your questions! Topics can include:

  • Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts
  • Disability Awareness, Etiquette, and Communication Guidelines
  • Other topics upon request

A-D-A Leader Custom Web Page

Build Job Seeker excitement for your company with a customized, stand-alone web page featured on abilityJOBS.com.  The ABILITY Team creates a page reflective of company brand, mission and benefits. Employers provide content, images and video (YouTube) from company assets, social media,  etc.

Click to view current A-D-A Leader Pages.

Social Media Post

With promotion across ABILITY Magazine’s social media (Facebook, Instagram, X and LinkedIn), announce your presence on abilityJOBS, post a quick turnaround job opportunity and more… Employer to provide image and text.

ABILITY Job Fair Booth

ABILITY Job Fair, the first career fair of its kind to include video, text, captioning and sign language interpreters. Enjoy the benefits of a face-to-face job fair from your desktop. 2023 includes the new and improved platform with extended features like filtering candidates, easy access resumes, recruiter notes, and more!

Social Media Branding

Take the spotlight on our social media channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to promote your presence on abilityJOBS.com and participation in ABILITY Job Fair.

Banner Ads

As per package, banner ads will appear on abilityjobs.com and/or ABILITYMagazine.com. Banner ads may be linked to company website or career site.

Banner Ads specifications: 1000px x 125px jpg file type.

ABILITY Magazine Ads

ABILITY Magazine is the premier magazine covering health, disability and human potential and counted as one of the top 50 magazines worldwide.

Digital & Web includes one full page ad in ABILITY Magazine's digital version PLUS a replica block ad on ABILITYMagazine.com web article pages.

Reports (upon request)

abilityJOBS can provide quarterly or annual job posting reports for some unlimited subscriptions. For Budget Package with manual job postings, data is included in the employer’s abilityJOBS account. For scraped or bulk FTP posted jobs, an annual report is available upon request. Reports include the number of jobs posted in the specified month(s) and the number of job impressions. For "apply" tracking, employers must provide ATS tracking tags.

Contact an ABILITY representative with questions.

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