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ABILITY Job Fair (AJF is a service of ABILITYCorps.org) presents an accessible face to face video career fair technology to corporations, governments and non-profits so they may actively recruit candidates in the most human and efficient way available. This is the first platform to emulate the live career fair experience accessible for job seekers with or without disABILITIES.

Providing sign language interpreters within the platform: For many people that are deaf, English is their second language. Sign language is their first. Reading is sometimes not fully comprehended under pressure situations and is slower than using sign language to actively engage in a conversation. Text messages, writing notes back and forth or projected captioning are done in a second language, which a person may need more time to fully comprehend. Therefore, using sign language during a job review is critical. View EEOC lawsuits against businesses not providing interpreters during interviews. Note: Think if you learned a second language in school, and then on a job interview you're told "today we'll only speak in that second language."

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